Inspections and access to the site

Inspections and access to the site

INSPECTIONS AND ACCESS TO THE SITE:- During Construction the building surveyor from the local council may check from time to time that the works is being done according to council regulations. However this does not ensure that the work being done is in accordance with the terms of the contract. To ensure that you are getting what you paid for you will need to check these aspects for yourself. Alternatively consider hiring an expert like a building Consultant or an Architect to administer the construction. You have the right to make provisions in your contract for you or a person authorised (in writing) by you to inspect the building work.

While the person doing the work cannot prevent you from coming on site he or she can place provisions in the contract restricting your inspections to the trades persons normal working hours. The contract may also prohibit inspections at times which would unreasonably interfere with the building work.

It a good idea to come to and agreement about the inspection times before the work begins and include this agreement in to the written contract. Also when you are inspecting the property it is important not to tell the trades persons employees what to do, in addition be careful not to obstruct the works in progress.

YOUR GUARANTEE OF QUALITY:- There is a 120 day defects liability period from the date of completion of the works. (warranty period) During this period the trades person must repair any defects relating to poor quality workmanship or defective materials, free of charge. You must notify the trades person or Builder of the defects in writing.

Any faults that develop after the 120 days warranty period and are not due to poor quality of workmanship or materials are your responsibility. However in some cases a major defect may not show up until after the 120 day period. For example a fault may become apparent only after a down pour of rain or where water leaks from a shower recess into the adjoining room. If such defects are due to poor quality work or materials, the trades person must then still repair it free of charge.

If you and the trades person can’t come to some agreement about the complaint, the either of you can refer the complaint to the Building Dispute Committee. If the defect relates to the quality of works or materials then the committee will deal with claims up to six (6) years after the completion of the job.

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