Deluxe Structural Assessment (Performance Based)

Deluxe Structural Corporate Level Comprehensive

Single Storey

Typical 4 x 2 max.

(size dependent)

Double Storey

Loft, split level etc

(size dependent)

Covers: Performance of main load bearing Components: being the footings, internal and external walls, roof frame work, limited electrical and plumbing (waste and water service only) insulation, roof cover type, roof plumbing (gutters, down-pipes, flashing, flue & vent pipes, valleys, skylights and eaves), ceiling & cornices and insulation.$1600 + gst (min.)
could be more
$2000 + gst (min.)- $2800+gst
could be more

The Deluxe Structural Corporate Level report, is the flagship of our high tech reports.

This report is very detailed and is in a colour coded format making it extremely easy to read and understand.

Typical cross sectional diagrams are included for a more thorough understanding of some of the various building construction and practices.

Included in this comprehensive written report are digital photos high lighting the items inspected for verification with additional narration under each picture box.