Only items designated on the “INDEX OF INSPECTION – Check List”, are inspected, subject to the “Limitations of Design & Inspection access” found in the “Structural Assessment Matrix”. The reports deal primarily with the visual detection or non-detection of structural damage or inadequacies in the BASIC-PRIMARY (load bearing) COMPONENTS. It also extends to conditions which could lead to structural damage.

The reports do not purport to cover: compliance and or provision of any Building Act, Code, regulation or by-laws, unless specifically requested. The reports do not cover whether the ground below, upon which the inspected structure has been built, is subject to subsidence, land-slip, earthquake, tidal inundation or flooding. The reports do not include any termite detection or damage unless blatantly obvious. We do not test or look at every component for termite induced damage. However, if during the inspection, surface termite damage to the BASIC-PRIMARY (load bearing) COMPONENTS are visible, this will be noted in the “Structural Assessment Matrix”. We do not provide costing for rectification or repair work. The inspection is solely visual and is limited to accessible surface inspections only, which may include testing for dampness if requested. Our inspections are unbiased and completely independent of Vendor and Real Estate Agents.

A representative sample of surrounding structural components are viewed in areas that are inaccessible at the time of the inspection. No destructive testing, dismantling or removal of coverings of building surfaces or components is performed. Areas not accessible will be noted and are judged on performance to date for age only. The aim of these inspections is to put a home buyer in a better position to make a buying decision. Not all improvements will be identified during this inspection. Unexpected repairs should still be anticipated. The inspection should not be considered as a guarantee or warranty of any kind.

Out-buildings, pergolas, porches, areas above 3.6m in height, separate carports, underground sewers or septic, are not covered by this report unless specifically requested in writing and would therefore be the subject of separate report.

The purpose of these reports are to identify structural issues of concern in the building only, in so far as a licensed builder or a person with extensive building experience can reasonably identify those defects or faults. Again, note that the report is the result of a visual examination only. Should you wish to have a structural certification as may be required by a council or shire, then a Certified Practicing Structural Engineer would need to be engaged by our office.

If you have any questions or concerns with any of the contents within this disclaimer, please forward to:

Building & Home Inspection Service

Peter Huber

E-mail: peter@bhis.com.au

Phone: (08) 9331 3031

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