Miscellaneous Reports

Home Indemnity Insurance Report

If you are an Owner Builder and need to sell your Owner built home before 7 years is up, then you will require by law, to provide your purchaser an Home Indemnity certificate. To obtain this you will need to approach a reputable broker, who in turn will require you to produce a Home Indemnity report. (see pricelist)

General Building Consultation

Do you need general building advice, when planning your home or during construction, we hare here to help.(see pricelist)

Dilapidation Survey

If you are a professional or Owner builder, and your prospective home is surrounded by existing building, you should allow and provide for a Dilapidation Report. These reports check and record digitally) existing damage, prior to the start of building a home or commercial project, so that your neighbours cannot blame existing damage on your current works. (see pricelist)

Re-inspection or Re-certification

If a report has identified items to be repaired, how can you be sure that they have been correctly repaired, well, we can re-inspect or re-certify the job in question. (see pricelist)

Energy Reports

with the new legislation in place to have the most energy efficiency in a home – we are able to arrange a energy report letting you know exactly where energy is wasted (leaking)

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is the visual way of identifying where there is insulation missing, electrical circuitry is overheating and where there a moisture seepage’s where a normal visual inspection would not identify these issues – again we able to arrange this service

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