Pre-Purchase Deluxe

The Pre-Purchase Deluxe report is the flag ship of our high tech reports. The reports are extremely detailed and are in an easy to read format, making it visually simple to understand, highlighting problems at a glance. Included are numerous digital photos of all items inspected for verification with additional narration under each photo with circles and arrows highlighting details discussed in the body of the report.

The report will also certify the structure, reveal its good and bad points and serves as a mini maintenance list, giving the purchaser a better idea as to what they are about to purchase. Reports can range from 20 to 40 pages.

Items inspected:

  • Footings/foundations/subfloors/slabs – where applicable & accessible
  • Internal/external walls – where applicable & accessible
  • Main Roof/ceiling Structure & Insulation – where applicable & accessible
  • Water/Waste pipes – excluding septic/sewerage – where applicable & accessible – Note we are not licensed Plumbers.
  • Electrical – where applicable & accessible – Note we are not licensed electricians
  • Main roof cover.
  • Flashings/Valleys/Vent & Flue pipes/Skylights – where applicable & accessible
  • Downpipes/gutter/Fascia/Barge/eaves – where applicable & accessible
  • Internal Ceilings & Cornices – where applicable & accessible

All inspections are based on visual performance.

Hourly Rate/Call Relevant Office

Call Peter 0418 948 760, Davide 0424 305 175 or Fred 0427 084 991 for relevant pricing.

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