Pre Purchase Property Inspection Services

Pre Purchase Building Inspections Perth

Property Inspection reports before buying a Building or Home

Pre Purchase Building Inspection Services and Property Reports before buying a home or a commercial property consider using BHIS.

Since the establishment in 1992, we have been serving the area of Perth with high quality property examination with thorough and accurate property reports that are well prepared by our experienced and highly qualified building inspectors.

It is always good to know every aspect of your property before you intend to buy it.

Legal and structural property reports that are necessary before purchasing or selling a property can be provided if required provided you book our Pre Purchase Inspection Service.

We will accurately report on the condition of your intended purchase and suggest on what needs to be done.

Our Miscellaneous Report consists of Basic Structural Report, Home Indemnity Insurance Report as well as various other premium Building Inspection Reports based on your flexi choice options that too in written form as well as visual form.

  • General Building Consultation
  • Dilapidation Survey
  • Thermal imaging inspections

Various other inspections are carried out and based on them and we will provide with several of the miscellaneous reports ranging in types.

Specific Reports

We provide reports in various Soft Copy and Hard Copy formats. Our various reports are supplied in the form of Multimedia or Written Formats.

You may accompany our building inspectors and enquire about the various areas that are of concern to you .

Our inspection team will be happy to provide you verbal advise to areas of concern of your property.

Pre Purchase Building Inspection around Perth

Consider BHIS for all your inspection & consulting beeds including any BCA advise  that my be necessary to be sure whether to purchase a property or not in the Perth metro area.

Our Services are reliable and affordable and we prepare property reports that are well documented and presented with accurate, thorough and detailed information.

A practical completion – handover report or pre-purchase property report is a report for the purchaser of a newly constructed home and takes place prior to the purchaser taking possession of their new home.

As an independent home inspection service provider we will identify any outstanding defects and/or incomplete finishes.

A practical completion inspection will highlight in more detail minor defects and imperfections as well as general building defects, and poor workmanship.

You will be getting handover report along with various other miscellaneous reports, if you book our Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Services all over the Perth metro area.

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