Residential Home Inspection Services

Residential Home Inspection Services Perth

Property reports after structural Inspection of your Buildings

Ideal for residential houses and buildings, residential home inspection services provides building inspection and property reports. These inspections and reports from BHIS are provided by our experienced and professional team of Independent Building Inspectors.

Based on various structural elements of your house such as roof, walls, roofs, frames, floors, doors, patios, balconies and various others; we will provide you with Certificate Level Report as well as Flexi Choice Reports.

Certificate Level Report and Flexi Choice Reports include all the detailed and thorough information of your house, after the proper inspection of your residential property; primarily both these reports are cheapest as well as the basic form of all the other reports.

Flexi Choice Report

This report provides all the information that are included with Basic plus Structural Report and additionally it also allows the clients to choose our inspection services on additional structural elements of the home.

It includes a detailed and thorough report on:

  • Main Walls – Exterior

(type, integrity, all performance based)

  • Footings & Flooring to Main Dwelling

(type, integrity, all is performance based)

  • Main Internal Walls

(type, integrity, all performance based)

  • Main Roof Structure – Framing

(type & all performance based)

Plus you may choose from any items below:

  • Main Roof Cover – all performance based

(type, integrity & performance of roof cover)

  • Flashings & Valley Irons – all performance based

(type & performance)

  • Vent, Flue Pipes & Skylights – all performance based

(type & performance)

  • Downpipes, Gutters & Fascia/ Barge/ Eaves – all performance based

(type, integrity & performance)

  • Internal Ceilings & Cornices – all performance based

(type & performance)

  • Water Plumbing Service & Waste Pipes – all performance based

(type, pressure & performance, but excluding septic, sewerage lines & type of hot water unit/s)

  • Insulation & Electrical – Please note we are not licensed electricians
    • Visual inspection of Insulation type and condition.
    • Visual inspection of wiring type where visible & test random P.P’s for polarity(correct wiring) in addition if connected we trip-test the ELCB or RCD function including the approximate level of trip current – no removal for access allowed

Why to choose our Home Inspection Services and Property Reports?

We provide reports in various Soft Copy and Hard Copy formats. Our various reports are supplied in the form of Multimedia or Written Formats.

You may accompany our building inspectors and enquire about the various areas that are of concern to you .

Our inspection team will be happy to provide you verbal advise to areas of concern of your property.

Consider BHIS for all your Structural Inspections including any AS or BCA requirements that are necessary for homes and houses around the area of Perth. Our Home Inspection Services are reliable and affordable and we prepare property reports that are well documented and presented with accurate, thorough and detailed information.

All around Perth we have been providing residential building inspection services since the past 30 years. Our service area includes:

  • Perth Head Office
  • Perth North Office
  • Perth South Central
  • Perth East Central Hills


Our Residential Home Inspection Services cover all the fundamental performance of the Primary Load Bearing (structural) componentry of a building, where, structural deficiencies are discovered and can be costly to repair.

This is also one of the least expensive written reporting formats, and offers a sense of security.

Extended additional comments, recommending discretionary improvements and hints on Non Structural maintenance items including damp testing are included if required.

To get a thorough and well documented property report for your house, remember our Residential Home Inspection Services Perth.

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