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Building Inspections Services Perth WA

If you’re looking for your new Building and you want to be sure you know what you’re buying. As your Building is typically the biggest single investment you will make, it stands to reason that you don’t want to find out after the fact that there are structural problems, requiring you to spend time and money rectifying.

inspection service in perth Rely on our experienced team at Building Inspection (BHIS) before investing in your building.

At Building & Home Inspection Service (BHIS), our experience in the industry and formal qualifications mean that you can be confident that your new home contains no unpleasant surprises. Building Inspection Specialists provides comprehensive assessment of the structural and mechanical components of your prospective property. It includes, foundations, walls, structural framing, plumbing, windows and doors, heating and electrical systems, roofs, chimneys, and so on.


 Home Inspection specialists Why you need Professional Building Inspector?

As a seller, if you are planning to get your building/home inspected, you should plan to assist the inspector during the whole process. If it’s a buyer initiated inspection, it is much preferable if you are not present. You need to know in advance of any inspection. The property inspector will generally schedule the inspection for a time convenient to both you and the buyer to make sure you get enough time to make preparations. Whether you arrange the inspection as a seller, or have inspected by the buyer, you can take several precautionary steps which will benefit you and helps in the inspection process:


Building Inspections Services  Make sure the building inspector can access all areas of the property:

Clear all furniture, clothes, boxes toys and other personal stuff that could block access to the important areas of your building like furnace, electrical panels, water heater, attic crawl spaces, etc. Inspectors cannot enter inaccessible areas.

Not only they might be in the way, but as the hatch is removed, dust, insulation, loose plaster is likely to fall from the ceiling onto items left in the closet.


If you are expecting a visit from prospective buyer or an inspector :

  • Clear out the areas under sinks so they can be inspected.
  • Ensure that filters are clear in heaters, air conditioners, vents, drains, etc.
  • Have the building/house cleaned thoroughly.

The few error an inspector finds with the building, the better overall image the property (building, house) presents to the prospective buyer. Its Obvious, for your advantage if the buyer hears the inspector saying, Everything on this property (building, house) is right except for a couple little issues here and there, rather than hearing a long list of concerns.


Additional notes to property (building, house) sellers

The building/home inspector may override your timers (such as automatic sprinklers, outdoor lighting, etc.). You need to check them after the inspection is done, to ensure they are reset properly. Remember to allow 2-3 hours for the property (building, house) inspection.


Building Inspector Perth  How we work:

Peter Huber, founder and owner of Building and home inspection service (BHIS), describes two of the reports available from BHIS in this infomercial. A basic structural assessment covers the three principal structural components of your home: the foundation, walls and the roof. We check these for signs of performance to date, current damage if any, disrepair, decay and the presence of pests, only if evident, deteriorated support members, water or moisture build-up, shifting foundations and related problems. Our comprehensive Deluxe Structural assessment looks for similar problems, but covers many more features:

How to Render Main Exterior Walls

How to RenderMain Internal Walls

How to Render Footings & Flooring

How to Render Main Roof Structure & Framing

How to Render Water Service & Waste Pipes

How to Render Insulation & Electrical

How to Render Main Roof Cover

How to Render Flashings & Valley Irons

How to Render Vent, Flue Pipes & Skylights

How to Render Downpipes, Gutters & Fascia/ Barge/ Eaves

How to Render Internal Ceilings & Cornices


We also offer a flexi-choice report, in which you choose the items to be checked and reported upon.

Pre Purchase Building Inspection  Inspection Reports – Available

Click on the reports for more details.

  1. Certificate Levels / Basic Plus

    Structural Assessment (Performance Based)

  2. Flexi Choice

    Structural Assessment (Performance Based)

  3. Deluxe Corporate Level Report

    Structural Assessment (Performance Based)

  4. Specific Item Reports


  5. When Building Reports


  6. Miscellaneous Reports


Any type of report can be given as a verbal summary – however, we recommend a written report, which can range up to 40 pages in length. These range in price from $450 to $2000. The high end written reports come with digital photos of every feature checked, highlighting those found to be deficient, so you know what to look for yourself. The written reports are also an effective check list of items to address when making repairs.

Finally, BHIS inspectors can also act as a building supervisor: when you are building or renovating your home, we can check on progress at each stage and ensure that all is proceeding according to schedule and to plan. You don’t need to be a building expert when you have the Building & Home Inspection Service working for you!

Wherever you are in Perth, there is a BHIS office near you, so give us a call today on 08 9331 3031.

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