The Pre-Purchase Structural inspection is usually refer as a purchase condition into the Offer to Purchase Contract. Prices start from $590.

Pre Purchase Premium covers the fundamental performance of the Primary Load Bearing (structural) componentry of a building.

When the builder calls for your next draw-down on the building Contract, that is when you contact our office and arrange for one of our inspectors to assess the workmanship to date.

General Specific item report is available in Verbal and Written formats.

Do you need general building consultation, when planning your home or during construction? We are here to help.

We are your eyes when the builder informs you that your new home is almost complete. Prices start from $490.

We can arrange an independent timber pest inspection on your behalf and you get the invoice separately.

Comprises of Pre-Purchase Structural Assessment + your choice of selected items

All recommendations made in the building and pest inspection reports must be addressed well. The building inspection report is a very essential factor as it is a detailed property survey done by building experts.

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