Timber Pest Inspection

Safeguard Your Property with a Professional Timber Pest Inspection

Timber pests pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of homes, especially in areas like Perth where these pests can be prevalent. BHIS offers a thorough timber pest inspection service to identify any existing or potential issues with pests that could damage your property. We can arrange an independent timber pest inspection on your behalf, ensuring that the assessment is unbiased and thorough.

Why Choose BHIS for Your Timber Pest Inspection?

    • Expert Detection: Our team is skilled in identifying all types of timber pests, including termites, wood borers, and fungal decay. These pests can cause significant structural damage if not detected early.
    • Independent Inspections: We arrange for an independent inspector to perform your timber pest inspection. This ensures that you receive a completely objective report on the condition of your property.
    • Separate Invoicing: You will receive the invoice directly from the inspection service, ensuring transparency and straightforwardness in your financial transactions.

What Our Timber Pest Inspection Covers:

Our comprehensive timber pest inspection includes:

    • Detailed Examination: A thorough examination of all accessible timber elements in and around your property, checking for signs of pest activity and damage.
    • Risk Assessment: Evaluation of the potential risks your property faces from various timber pests, considering local conditions and building materials.
    • Preventive Recommendations: Advice on preventive measures to protect your property from future pest problems.

Don’t let timber pests compromise the safety and value of your property. A timber pest inspection is an essential step in property maintenance and protection, particularly for potential home buyers or those managing existing properties.

Ensure your peace of mind with a professional timber pest inspection. Schedule your inspection with BHIS today and protect your investment from the hidden dangers of timber pests.

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