Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection

As per AS4349.1-2007 (Appendix A) – Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection
From $600.00

The Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection is usually referred to as a REIWA Australian Standard Pre-Purchase Inspection for Major Structural Defects condition in the Offer to Purchase Contract. Under these contract preconditions, the buyer can make their offer subject to certain conditions. Those conditions must be met before the contract statement becomes unconditional. What becomes important is the wording of the REIWA Australian Standard Pre-Purchase Inspection for Major Structural Defects clause and how that clause operates.

This clause has some very positive attributes and limitations too. The issue is that the clause can generally be involved when a Major Structural Defect is found in the house.

It is important to note that the structural inspection focuses mainly on the structural adequacy of key building elements.

Why Do You Need a Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection?

    • A Comprehensive Pre-purchase structural inspection allows buyers to know about the major and minor issues of a home before buying it. Building inspections Perth can reveal life-threatening problems like faulty RCD’s, smoke alarms or mould that could potentially cause a tripping of appliances or become a health issue in the future.
    • House inspections Perth cover both the interior and exterior walls of the home, including limited electrical, limited plumbing, wet area damp testing, roof construction, and foundations. For a Comprehensive assessment, consider a building and pest inspection Perth to ensure your potential new home is safe and sound.

Benefits of the Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection

A Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection by BHIS is carried out as per the Australian Standard 4349.1-2007.

Consider a comprehensive building and pest inspection Perth for complete peace of mind when making your investment.

What Does a Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection Cover?

A well-experienced home inspector conducts a Comprehensive building inspections Perth, covering the main conditions of the house and preparing a detailed report. The house inspector should or may note:

    • Safety Issues and Minor Defects: Identifying whether problems are related to safety or minor defects.
    • Repairs and Replacements: Mentioning items that may need possible repairs, service, or replacement.
    • Future Risks: Assessing materials that are currently in a fair condition but at risk of damage in the future.

Here are some of the key points covered in the Pre-Purchase Structural Report:

Exterior Inspection:

    • Performance of Exterior & Interior walls
    • Performance of Footings & Foundation
    • Performance of the Roof framework

Interior Inspection:

    • Limited Plumbing
    • Limited Electrical
    • Wet area damp testing for water seepage
    • Condition of Water Unit
    • Kitchen Appliances
    • Identify any Safety issues
    • Major defects
    • Any major defect that is an urgent and/or serious safety hazard
    • A general impression regarding the extent of minor defects
    • eg, unsafe balustrade or imminent collapse of a structural member

Things that are not covered inside a Home Inspection

    • Inside Chimney 
    • Behind the electrical panels
    • Inside pipes or sewer lines
    • Deep Internal walls (insulation)

After the Inspection

After you receive your inspection report from building inspections Perth, if the problems are:

    • Too Expensive to Fix: You can choose to walk away from the offer as long as the offer has an inspection contingency and if the seller refuses to fix the items identified as Major structural defects.
    • Small or Big Issues: You can ask the seller to fix them or negotiate the price.
    • Alternative Options: If both options are not possible in your situation, you can get estimates to fix the problems yourself and develop a maintenance plan based on their affordability once you own the property.

For comprehensive insights, consider including a building and pest inspection Perth to ensure all potential issues are thoroughly evaluated.

Why Choose BHIS for Your Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection?

BHIS is a qualified company that has been working since 1992, providing independent and unbiased views of any defects your property may have and offering possible solutions to help you make an informed decision. BHIS is also a certified home inspector, creating unbiased and independent reports around the area. We specialise in building inspections Perth and house inspections Perth, delivering excellent service that has satisfied numerous clients over the years. For a comprehensive assessment, consider our building and pest inspection Perth services to ensure complete peace of mind

Additional Choices you have:-  

Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection

What Does a Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection Cover?

Inspection of Structural Load bearing Components:-

1 – Performance of Footing & Foundation

2 – Performance of Internal & external walls

3 – Performance of the Roof frame work

Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection & Damp Testing

What Does a Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection & Damp Testing  Cover?

Inspection of Structural Load bearing Components:-

1 – Performance of Footing & Foundation

2 – Performance of Internal & external walls

3 – Performance of the Roof frame work

4 – Damp Testing along Wet area common walls