Companion Inspection Service

Introducing the BHIS Companion Inspection Service – Your Trusted Ally in House-Hunting

Discover Confidently, Decide Wisely with BHIS by Your Side

When it comes to house-hunting, the stakes are as high as your dreams. At Building & Home Inspection Service (BHIS), we’re excited to offer an innovative new service designed to transform how you invest in property. Meet your personal expert guide: the BHIS Companion Inspection Service.

Expert Insights on Every Visit, Every Potential Home

Embark on your house-hunting journey with a professional BHIS inspector as your companion. Our service is more than just an inspection; it’s a partnership. We attend viewings with you, offering real-time, professional insights on the good, the bad, and the hidden – helping you to see beyond the surface and make an informed decision.

The BHIS Companion Advantage

  • Pre-Purchase Insight: Tap into our expert knowledge of building integrity, potential repairs, and maintenance needs before you make an offer.
  • In-Person Guidance: Receive immediate feedback on site, from structural concerns to quality finishes; we’ll cover all aspects that matter.
  • Negotiation Power: Armed with in-depth knowledge of the property’s condition, you’re in a stronger position to negotiate prices and terms.

Empower Your Property Choice

  • Save Time: No second-guessing, no return visits. Make every property viewing count.
  • Save Money: Identify issues before you buy, avoiding costly surprises down the line.
  • Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing you have a professional assessing your potential investment.

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