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General Specific item report is available in Verbal and Written formats.
In the Verbal format, our inspectors walk around with the client. They explain and discuss verbally the items which are of concern.

In the Written format, our inspectors take digital photos or videos and report in writing to the client. With explanations of the issues of concern are detailed under the photos in the narration boxes. Then the report is then emailed.

Should the report be excessively large for email, a copy will be made available via Dropbox. And after 6 months that the photos/videos are discarded.

Specific Structural Item Report is performed either by either a knowledgeable building consultant,  a registered builder, or a practising Structural/Civil Engineer who certifies whether an existing structure has been constructed by the relevant building standards, the choice is up to the client. 

A typical example would be an illegally erected pergola. Call our office for pricing.

Peter 0418 948 760 Davide 0424 305 175 Marios 0410 189 689  for relevant pricing. 

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