Practical Completion Inspection

Starting from $600

When your builder notifies you that your new home is nearing completion, it’s crucial to ensure everything meets your expectations before finalising the move. If your home is ready for a “Practical Completion Inspection,” please contact our office to arrange an inspection. Our expert inspectors will accompany you and the builder’s supervisor to meticulously review the home, both inside and outside, ensuring all aspects of the construction meet the high standards you expect.

Why a Practical Completion Inspection is Essential:

  • Expert Oversight: As your professional eyes, we ensure that the transition to your new home is smooth and without surprises. Our inspectors are skilled in identifying any unsatisfactory or incomplete workmanship that needs addressing, ensuring the builder fulfils all obligations within the designated timeframe.
  • Detailed Collaboration with Builders: During the inspection, the builder’s supervisor will handle all note-taking as we systematically assess each part of your home. This collaborative approach ensures that all parties are aligned and that any issues are immediately noted for correction.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation: We thoroughly inspect both the interior and exterior of your home, scrutinising every detail to ensure that every element of your new home is up to standard. This includes checking for any structural issues as well as assessing the quality of finishes.

Ensure Your New Home is Perfect Before Moving In

A Practical Completion Inspection is a crucial step in the home-buying process, providing peace of mind that your new dwelling is constructed to your specifications and free from any significant issues. By identifying potential problems before you move in, you can avoid the hassle and expense of future repairs.

Contact Us Today

Schedule your Practical Completion Inspection with BHIS and ensure your property is perfect from the ground up. Our detailed inspections provide the reassurance you need to make your final payment with confidence. Protect your investment in Perth with a thorough building and pest inspection, ensuring your new home is safe, sound, and precisely as you envisioned.

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