Choosing the right building inspector in Perth.

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Choosing the right building inspector in Perth.

CHOOSING YOUR WORKERS:- Devote some time to making a careful choice. One of the most reliable ways to find a good tradesperson is by word-of-mouth. Ask your friends for recommendations, visit recently completed projects or ask the inspector for a list of recent clients. The experience of other people can be an excellent guide. You can also check an inspector’s qualifications. For example, see if a builder is registered with the Builders’ Registration Board, or if a painter is registered with the Painters’ Registration Board. The requirement for registration of builders, inspectors and painters varies depending on their location within the State. You can find out if a builder or painter is registered by calling their Registration Boards – phone (09) 3216891 .

PAPER WORK:-   It may also be worth checking that the inspector or a trades person has full insurance cover. The law in W.A now demands at least a written contract for all home building work which costs you between $6,000 and $200,000. This includes not only construction and alterations connected with your house, but things like swimming pools, pergolas, carports, sheds, paving, landscaping and other permanent fixtures to your property. Generally, the number of other documents involved in arranging work on your property depends on the cost and complexity of the job.

For example, a paving job worth $2,000 may only involve a written quote, whereas having your kitchen renovated may cost more than $6,000 and will involve detailed plans, specifications and a written contract.

QUOTES AND ESTIMATES:- If possible, you should always get an accurate, written quote for any work you want done. Remember, an estimate is not the same as a quote. A quote is a fixed price. It doesn’t change, even if the work turns out to be more (or less) expensive than originally thought. An estimate is only the tradesperson’s judgement of what the cost might be.

PLANS:- The person doing the work should build strictly according to the plans, so make sure they’re right. If it’s hard to imagine how the work will look, visit a few display centers to get a better idea of what the plans are showing. Late changes to the original plans once you have signed the contract can be costly, so be sure to check all of the details. If you want to change the original plan, find out what effect this will have on the total cost.

SPECIFICATIONS:-   These provide details of the type and style of materials to be used in the work. The specifications might include the type of bricks, the type of paints and the number of coats, the number of power points in each room or the make and model of stove to be in stalled .Study the specifications carefully. Inaccuracies or omissions can cause delays in the work and increase the costs. If you’re buying a project home you’ve seen on display, find out exactly what the package includes. Features like floor coverings and light fittings may not be included. Changes to the specifications once the contract is signed can be costly.