Flexi Choice

A Flexi Choice report automatically covers the underlying load bearing structural components, plus gives our clients the choice to have additional items of their preference inspected. The reporting format is concise and detailed in the summary section, and informative enough to make a decision on a purchase, yet it is affordable, concentrating on the individual items of chosen concern. These reports are , for the conscientious purchaser, who just want that little bit extra in choices .

Digital Pictures are taken for reference only and client will be sent a copy provided that a suitable ISP is given to our office and the main report is ready for immediate e-mailing.

Our Tick-Box system will give a speedy insight and an overall feel of various conditions and recommending discretionary improvements. Once the report is finished it can be uploaded for immediate E-mailing and a hardcopy will follow in the mail.

Flexi Choice Report

Items Inspected are:-

Main Walls – Exterior
type, integrity, all performance based

Footings & Flooring to Main Dwelling
type, integrity, all is performance based

Main Internal Walls
type, integrity, all performance based

Main Roof Structure – Framing
type & all performance based

Plus choose from any items below

1- Main Roof Cover – all performance based
type, integrity & performance of roof cover

2 – Flashings & Valley Irons – all performance based
type & performance

3 – Vent, Flue Pipes & Skylights – all performance based
type & performance

4 – Downpipes, Gutters & Fascia/ Barge/ Eaves – all performance based
type, integrity & performance

5 – Internal Ceilings & Cornices – all performance based
type & performance

6 – Water Plumbing Service & Waste Pipes – all performance based
type, pressure & performance, but excluding septic, sewerage lines & type of hot water unit/s

7 – Insulation & Electrical – Please note we are not licensed electricians
Visual inspection of Insulation type and condition. Visual inspection of wiring type where visible & test random P.P’s for polarity(correct wiring) in addition if connected we trip-test the ELCB or RCD function including the approximate level of trip current – no removal for access allowed

For a more in-depth electrical inspection a licensed electrician should be consulted. We are not licensed electricians.

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