Inspecting When The Builder Uses Your Property


Inspecting When The Builder Uses Your Property

When the Trades person or Builder uses you property:- When you are having work done on your home, make sure you come to some agreements about how your property is to be treated. It is a good idea to place these agreements in writing before works begins. Set down things in your contract like:-

  • what facilities such as kitchen bathroom or telephone may be used by the workers.
  • where tools and equipment are to be kept.
  • where cars and trucks can be parked.
  • what pats of the garden require special protection.
  • what time work can start each day.
  • whether work can be done during the week end.
  • how workers can enter the house when you are not present.
  • the condition of footpaths and driveways before work commences.

INSURANCE:- insurance is another overlooked part and it is very important, check that the person doing the work has adequate insurance cover by sighting the insurance cover note. Trade people are required by law to take out Workers compensation insurance for all employees. Public Liability Insurance is also necessary, as this covers any members of the public who are injured because of the building work Ie. Someone may trip over a brick left on the footpath. Builders all risk Insurance covers loss or damage of materials on site or in storage. Before any works commences check with your insurance company or broker to make sure you are adequately covered as the law does not entertain any excuses.

If you are having work done on an existing property the risk of damage to your property may increase, before work starts advise your insurer in writing giving details of work to be done and ask wether your the current premiums or cover is adequate or will be affected.

It is important to consider the benefits of a Housing Indemnity Insurance policy or Home warranty Scheme. These forms of cover protect you from the loos of your deposit or work not having been completed due to insolvency or death by the Builder during construction plus they cover a number of other things. More information on the cover may be obtained from the M.B.A. on 221-5062 or the H.I.A. on 381-7300.

As an owner builder it is your responsibility to make sure that there is adequate cover for your subcontractors and the work site, ask if in doubt your insurance broker or company.

We would love to hear back from you. Please feel free to write us back about any issues related to your home or building.

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