Rot Preventative Treatment

Deck cleaning

Rot Preventative Treatment

Fungal attack can be so damaging that it is well worth taking precautions to prevent it occurring. regularly decorate and maintain window and door frames and exposed timber parts of roof barge or fascia and pergolas, especially in these areas where moisture can penetrate between timber abutments. It is wise to seal the abutting joins with a paintable mastic. Provide adequate ventilation between floors and ceilings and if you are lucky enough to have an attic then similarly provide adequate ventilation.

Check for any plumbing leaks and leaks that only occur during wet months and repair these then you will be less likely to have rot setting in.
In very many instances you will find that at the end of barge or verge boards where the barge board is attached to the last rafter and where the gutter buts to the barge there is a gap. The timber in this area  is generally rotting and in some instances is just existing visually only  due to the paint keeping together its shape.

LOOKING AFTER TIMBERWORK:- Existing and new timbers can be treated with preservative. Brush and spray two or three applications to standing timbers paying particular attention to joints and end grain.

Immersing timber:- Timber in contact with the ground would benefit from prolonged immersion in preservative. Stand fence posts on end in a bucket full of fluid for ten(10) minutes. For \other timbers make a shallow bath from loose bricks and line it with thick plastic sheeting. Pour preservative in to the trough and immerse timbers. To drain the fluid burry bucket at one end of the trough and remove bricks and guide plastic sheeting into the bucket to drain.

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